Late 1930’s- Anders Halland

As well as being a competent lumber business, this five-generation family-owned business is a productive grain farming operation of approximately 4,000 acres. In 1949, Halland Farms Inc. became a certified tree farm, and has since planted around 70,000 trees. In the winter months of 1959-1960, the Tobin Lake basin was one of their logging territories. The company has its own woodlot where selective logging is done, some clearcutting and reforestation as well. These logs are hauled home to the mill yard where they are sawed into lumber. Today, once sawing is done, the lumber is stacked into piles and dried over time until it is planed into the specialty lumber products: tongue & groove v-joint, tongue & groove flooring, log siding, drop siding, beveled siding, channel board, shiplap, etc. We also make our own 6×8 milled logs for building log cabins and homes. Over the years, the Hallands have built over 130 log structures, and counting!

The history of Halland Farms Inc. begins with Anders Halland who immigrated to Canada from Norway in the late 1920’s. In 1934, he homesteaded north of Love, Saskatchewan, in the district of Torch River. He chose this site for the abundance of trees as his plans for the future included a sawmill, which he successfully established later in the 1939. Since that time, the company has seen tremendous growth and is now run by Anders’ son, grandson, and two great-grandsons.

David Halland (Ander’s son), Caden Halland, Alex Halland, and Alison Halland (David’s son)

The Halland family has been in the area for 90+ years making them very well known for their lumber, as well as their friendly and welcoming demeanor. The marketing for Halland Farms Inc. is primarily done by word-of-mouth; and as a result, they have been contacted to supply lumber to various customers all over Saskatchewan, interprovincially, and the United States.

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